Saturday, April 27, 2013

Keep University Environment Green

Keep University Environment Green

     It is our duty that, be careful to make environment dirt free. How can we do this? Let me give you tips and strong reasons for this;

Plants and trees
     Plants and trees are used to keep the atmosphere clean, fresh and also for the decoration of the university. That’s why plants and trees are very important for making environment green.

Watering the plants
     To keep plants and trees green the gardeners should properly watering the plants. That makes garden green and neat.
Motivation to gardeners & other workers 
     The upper management and controlling staff should cooperate with lower workers like gardeners, sweepers and watchman etc. They have to motivate them towards greenery, sweeping and scrutiny duties. If they perform well and loyally it is very beneficial for university.
The controller should give award them at the end of the year if they perform glowing.

     University parking plays very important role in the cleaning situation. It should be very clean the parking servant should properly take intention towards the sweeping of parking. He tells the people to avoid for throwing the dust of their cars in university parking because it is the main purpose of dust in the parking. The parking servant has to use a dustbin for throwing his security tickets or tokens in the dust bin that he received from people at the time of take off their vehicle. Because the tickets are the main hurdle to pollute the flour of university parking, this has bad expression. Parking tickets are thrown on the path;
Use of dustbins
     We have to use dust bins near the classrooms, cafeterias, gates, parking and toilet also. As students throw their class room’s dust near the class room’s dust bin, usually when we are in the cafeteria and coming from outside the university, we have anything to throw (wrappers, Citra, covers etc.) as a dust, then we use dustbins that may be very helpful to remove dust and make our environment clean and green.

Properly sweep dust
     The university should be properly swept for clean environment. It is a very important thing for the cleaning concern. Because, if there is no proper arrangement of sweeping. Then it creates a very bad impression on outsiders.
Utilize spare space    
     We have to use extra space for the purpose of gardening that create a green look and remove dusty space into the greenery.
The place where we cannot construct any construction, we should use that for green purpose. That is helpful for us to make environment green and fresh. Similar to above;

Entrance gate
     The university entrance gate should be very neat and clean because the entrance of every institute should be excellent because it shows the building expression and working purposes. So, we have avoided making any mistake about environmental pollution of the gate surroundings at the university gate.

Culture among environment
     Our culture to keep the environment clean and green is strongly depending on our nature. We have to change ourselves instead think about someone that what he/she is doing. Firstly, it is our duty to avoid for making any mistake in the public place and then direct and tell someone.

Inspection of administration
     The university administration should properly visit to the campus and blocks to look after the some repairing problems. And any other problem like; It may be harmful to spread any disease, like dengue etc. and much more. 

Motivate the students
     Students play the very imperative role to keep the university environment green and clean. The professors should motivate the students among the personality and cleaning manners. That may enhance their personality and keep university clean.
Organize special events for gardening days to inspire students for planting that will be very supportive to make environment green.

     We remember that we have to avoid for demolishing any greenery and avoid dispersing dust.
So, we keep the university environment green and clean in this way.

By: Mr. Faizan Raza

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How Can We Control Our Increasing Population?


Control on Population:
     Typically the success of this world control circulation within the last few years seems to have long been not a single thing as little as fantastic. Yet the mobility is usually surprising with a different technique, far too: Irrespective of it is an achievement, the item is usually widening for a rapid velocity with words connected with both equally finance in addition to software programs. Your section described that will 46 per cent in the world’s population existence throughout international locations wherever birth rates are generally way too minimal in order to avoid the inhabitants fall. On the other hand, groupings promoting inhabitants command carry on and click pertaining to additional capital because of their packages the two in the household along with foreign countries.
     The Preset population group remains to be totally at some point, even with high duration, along with elderly populations get larger loss of life charges, various other components staying normal.

Root Base in the Activity:
      Your search of people throughout capacity to command inhabitants is a very least while previous because Exodus History involving Pharaoh harming Hebrew newborn guys. In this time period, this mobility possesses has been given Stimuli by both equally eugenics in addition to the environmental issues.

The Entire ‘Explosion’
     A rapid shoot through world progression manifested in your 1960s for the reason that antibiotics not to mention design changes through sanitation by design cut down departure levels. Birth rates have been decreasing through the hundred years because ladies became a member of the actual labor force as well as imperfect childbearing. For the reason that going away levels delved following typically the diminishing birth rates, environment world developed by a particular unheard of price. Typically the resolution was basically serious. The nation's lawmakers stored hearings.
     Designed Motherhood printed any set of “proposed actions to cut back your e zines Virility, ” One of them getting “fertility handle agents” inside the h2o offer, Stimulating homosexuality, impacting on “substantial” marriage duty, disheartening residence title, demanding allows regarding young couples to own youngsters, Creating abortion mandatory, and also mandating sterilization of most females which acquired borne a couple of youngsters. Typically the United Nations proclaimed some sort of World Time through 1974. From a page the fact that stayed at divided with 1974 that will 1980, any you Vertices. Status Area informed the fact that “mandatory citizenry deal with measures” is likely to be essential induce a good “two-child friends and family over the average” all over the society by way of the year or so 2000.

Offers Calamities:
     The particular justifications have been a lengthy, different set of misfortunes that will take place in the absence of fast, stringent actions. The actual Sierra Membership released their guide the populace Explosive device, that grew to become needed reading through in several higher colleges as well as schools.

Condom Inability:
     In the pretext to keeping WILL HELP, your dog reported, foreign-paid family-planning labourers enhance promiscuity by way of indiscriminately sending condoms and are generally ruling a medical procedure to operate sterilizations. Within the last 2 yrs within Kenya, a lot more than 100 zillion condoms possess already been utilized [while] the amount of HIV/ HELPS individuals bending. This can be a matter to help complete having the lack sexual acts external connected with marital life.

Society Regulate Pillar:
      Margaret Sanger, which created the particular Designed motherhood Federation regards the use inside 1942, is frequently seen as the particular consumer site with the modern day human population handle movements. A very important factor in which critics usually point out concerning Sanger will be in which the lady looked at blacks since second-rate and also wished to utilize contraceptive and also abortion to cut back their particular quantities.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Impact of Mobile on Young Generation

     As everything has double been effected in our life. If something is beneficial for us on the other hand same thing can be harmful for us, it's up to us how we use that thing in our life. Its our use which makes it harmful or beneficial. Like this Mobile is very beneficial for young generation if they use it properly. But if they use it wrong it will be harmful for them.
                                             Good effect on the younger generation 
    1. Way of communication:
      Mobile is very beneficial for us because it’s the way of communication. We can communicate with each other. Either we live near or we live far away from each other. If we go previous years we came to know when there is no concept of cell phones people use letters to communicate its very inconvenient way of communication because its very long procedure of communication it take 15 to 20 days .But by the invention of mobile phones we can communicate not only same country but also out of countries it removes distances. It's a good impact on us and on generation. 
2. Different functions in mobile:
     In mobile we have different functions. Like in mobile we can use a dictionary. If young generation has any problem they can use mobile dictionary at any time at any place. All people cannot keep book dictionary with them all the time. But its advantage of a new generation to use the dictionary in their mobiles and increase their vocabulary.
     Now in mobiles there is also a Microsoft office program. We can enter our slides in mobile and we can learn our lesson but sitting anywhere we do not need any book for learning because every material will be available on our mobiles.
3. Video calls:
     Now by using mobile we can not only communicate with each other but also we can see each other. So people who are far away from parents they can feel like at their home because they cannot just voice call but also make video calls
4. Use mobile as a camera:
     The younger generation can use mobile as a camera .Now in mobile we young generation not only can sell but also use mobile as a camera.
     Firstly young generation has to keep camera with them for capturing every moment but now in mobile they have every feature and they can capture every moment of life at any place at any time.
                                 Harmful effect on the younger generation:
1. Wastage of time:
     Now a day's mostly young generation spoiling themselves due to extra use of mobile as we now excess of everything is harmful. Excess use of mobile is also harmful. Younger generations seem to be busy in using mobile they do every time messaging. Night calls due to this they are not able to do other work
2. Loss of studies:
     Due to the use of mobile there is a lot loss is studying .Young generation uses a mobile day and night, they make calls, use Facebook every time on mobile due to which they cannot concentrate on their studies and they have to bear huge loss is studying.
3. Involved in bad activities:
     Due to mobiles young generation is involved in bad activities. As we see in bomb blast there is mostly young generation involved .They communicate with each other , contact with each other. If there is no concept of the mobile they cannot contact and there is a lot more chance of mistake by them .Due to mobile crime increases like theft, robbery, bomb blast etc.
4. Wastage of money:
    Young generation uses mobile and they make calls. Sms packages due to which they recharge balance every time which wastes their money.
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

What Old People Need..?

what old people need

      It is rightly said that ‘old is gold’ this said almost lead of security because gold is to be saved ever, has the old people feelings of insecurity manifolds as the life span runs to the end. So the for most need of old people insecurity which springs in the environment of harmony.

     Old should be given peace and solace as a reward of their patents and vigour that they had consumed in their youth to make the wheel of time run in order to set the indigenous history.
The old should be offered such a mallow and lovely sweetness that they may not feel any type of guilt being an old person.

     The old people are just like infinite that needs proper care and a schedule diet so they should be given a healthful routine to cope with the old age.

     It is observed that in our life style the old people are elephant deserted in a room with some necessity this should be uprooted to make them active and dynamic member of society to act their proper role with heroic style.

    The old people are the origin of wit and wisdom so they must be treated as the terrace of experience to have the gems of practice.

     It s our duty to care for old people. They need care, attention and love. Obedience is a very simple way of showing gratitude for the benefits that they provide to the young ones. So be obedient to your elders.

     This is not good to use word old for old peoples because they are our elders and they have to be respected, when a child born he cannot eat food, cannot changes his clothes by himself because he need cares so as the same case with old people, they behave same like children they need care, love and they need a constant companion who look after them every time.

     Old people want to get more care more attention, because they feel lonely. They need healthy food because they gradually become weak as an age factor.
     Old people are like us, they become sensitive when they have to stay all the time at home. Similarly they also want to meet their friends and want some outside walk like us. They also want that all family members came and talk with them. They also need neat and clean atmosphere.

     They need happiness and prosperity, rarely do they wish for more money.

     Most important thing is to give them respect and affection. Spend time with them, show your attention as well. Old peoples also need their relation, love and care.

     The captain, when entering a strange port, trusts to pilot to guide his ship safely. Similarly old people are our pilots. We sail in strange waters and our safety depends on submission to the directions of those who are more experienced.
      They require something more than money. They require sympathy, moral support, which money cannot buy. To give these things, requires a large heart, a broader mind, and more personal sacrifice.

      During period of their extreme stresses and strain, when life is hard and the nervous system becomes taut, humor can relieve much of the tension, it not only takes the tension out of situations, but it also brings mirth and laughter.

      Their diet should be modified accordingly such that it remains nutritious and balanced.
Now these days there are trend of old homes, where old people lives lonely without their child. The concept of old houses starts from the Europe where people have no time for their old parents so they push them to old houses and never meet again and then their parents wait for them till their death but in Asian countries like Pakistan there is a tradition that all family members live together we own our parents and grandparents.

      Especially in villages people respect their parents and feel proud to live with them. But now people who lives in cities and want to become more modern just as European people. They bring their parents to old houses.

     But on the other hand old people never want to live in old houses because as they want more love and affection from their child but they never get it in old houses because once their children bring them to old house they leave them and never came back. According to our Islamic ideology our old parents are our assets. We can earn paradise by serving them.

    The old must be accompanied with all the dooms and ducks of life with due respect and honor, there is no need of old houses in our religion.

what old people need

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

How can you control on your anger?


It is a natural emotion that every human experience of anger. Human anger may involve dislike when we face with criticism. We may face anger sometime and usually this is the healthy response. At the second stage, anger response to sad feelings.  Anger reach to its maximum range than our judgment or thinking style can become hard and we like to do something and at that time say unreasonable words. An old man well saying that;
                                                            “No more anger in relationships.”
            When someone crosses us in the traffic at the same time our blood pressure go up through the roof.
            Normal anger is very important factor to deal with others in the positive way. If the anger will touch its maximum range then it will be affected for both human health and relationships with their lovers.

Impact of Anger: 
             Anger can be proved helpful or dangerous depending on its expressing style. If it is expressed in happy mood so its output will be positive. If anger is expressed in hard emotions so its output will be negative. Having the knowledge to deliver the anger in the appropriate way can lead us to the goals and handle the emergencies.

Anger Management:
            The procedure of anger management is to find the tools to determine the signs that make us angry and we try to take action with the situation in a positive way. It's a possibility to learn how to remove the hurdles from their own path by practicing of the anger management techniques. Anger management taker class is generally effective. Anger management is very helpful to determine the hurdles and how to respond that things work in our favor instead of against us.
            Sometimes we all feel angry and we may say something wrong and take the any wrong step. This is the normal part of life. So in these circumstances there is no need of anger management if we know well about the fact of anger on our relationships.  By this we will feel unhappiness .Which leads us to dangerous behavior. Anger is not only disturbing the state of mind and it also disturbs an increase the range of blood pressure. In this situation every man and animal express his anger by making the loud sound and baring teeth.
            Many experts say that anger is a primary and nature emotion with the several functions having the values to which we all practices from time to time. Anger is a source of raising the heart rate, blood pressure and releasing of hormones which force us physically to make a remedial action.

            Anger is very important to make the management more elastic when a man expresses his anger to its employee in a positive way. The employee’s work becomes faster and correct by the anger of the business owner. Anger makes the environment more serious and very helpful to reduce the laziness and weakness from the work manageable.

Tips about How the Anger can be Managed?
(i)                 When we feel angry we should try to take the deep breathing positive self talk and try to stop angry thoughts. Breathing should be deeply from the diaphragm, try to relax and talk easy.
(ii)               Anger expressing is a better action than keep quiet.  But it should be in an appropriate way.
(iii)             By expressing anger the mood will be improved and tension also release.
(iv)             When we face the troubles, it is tension. Due to this, anger will be created.
(v)                Always listen the good skills can help us to make a good communicator.
(vi)             Use the solution based language.
(vii)           Understand the impact of food on the mood.

Tips about if Anger cannot be Control:
      If it is believed the anger is out of control and its output have a negative effect on the life and relationships. In this situation we should receive the help of mental health and deal with the anger in appropriate ways.

By: Mr. Ali Ahmad
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