Wednesday, April 17, 2013

World in 2050


Environment change:
      In the year of 2050,  the environment of the world will have been changed because the pollution of vehicles and factories are increasing day by day. Therefore, the wastage of factories e.g. : (chemical water of textile mills, wastage of sugar mills) which causes of pollution that play an important role in changing of environment. Thus the climatic condition is warmer day by day due to such conditions.
Average age:
       In 2050, I estimated that the average age of a person is remaining  40 years only because we see that the people are using agriculture product which are prepared with different seeds that provide the crops in a short period with the help of chemical sprays which is dangerous for human health. In such a way different diseases are coming into being like heart attack and T.B. etc. In such a way, the population of vehicles is also dangerous for human health.

Superpower country:
        A country will be superpower whose economy and military are very strong and politics do not interrupt. China will be the superpower of the world in 2050. Because his economy is strong and his GDP will improve with 4.99% p.a. And will take over GDP of the USA in2021 which is current superpower and till 2050 its GDP reached his maximum level. His army, navy, air force and nuclear power are also good. This nation is very co-operative and has highly skilled in different field. China has everything which is necessary for a superpower country like traditional border etc.

International language:
      In 2050, French will be the international language because according to a report, 220 million people used the French language to communicate another in 2007. And the that time, 96.2 million Africans speak the French language. International organization also preferred the French. With the arising of birth rate, I estimated that about 750 million people speak French all over the world in 2050. Therefore, because more people will use French, so French is considered the international language to communicate one another all over the world.

Demand and production of agriculture product:
     According to a report by researcher, the world demand will double in 2050. However, the team of researcher neglected to consider achievement in urban area farming which is a solution against growing human population. The researcher estimated that USA need would be clear by developing nations  to make enough to feed their growing communities. The level of   carbon dioxide will increase in the atmosphere or we could build farms at urban area to avoid the shortage of food. And we can use new technology such as, new models of seeds that prepare the crops very quickly in a short time period.

Some important tips for 2050:                                                 
  • The researchers said that by 2050, human-robot marriage, human-robot sex, human-robot  pornography will become common.
  • Top five economies: The five economies in the world will be China, USA, India, Japan, and Russia.
  • The space elevator is to be completed till 2050.
  •  The china wall will be completed till 2050.                     
Forest in 2050:
            In 2050, forests have covered the approximately 35% of the land all over the world. And provide     
 natural resources in wafer quantity e.g. :
  •  The quantity of carbon increased 10% in 2050 as compared 2013.
  • The quantity of wood should be increased 12% in 2050 as compared 2013.
  • Deforest has significantly reduced in 2050.
  • The forest is able to provide 25% increased oxygen in 2050.
The raining will be a 19% increase from today due to increase forest, forest proves coal which is used in different places. 

By: Mr. Muhammad Asghar

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