Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How a Person Can Manage His/Her Home and Workplace at the Same Time?

     Managing the home and work at the same is very difficult. It’s very important for a person to keep balance in both home and workplace. Many people face the too much stress in his life because they do not find any solutions to manage their personal and professional life. You can keep the balance between home and workplace by using these suggestions:

1st Suggestion: 

     My first suggestion for keeping a good balance between work and home is to keep clear limitations. You can handle this problem by keeping your work pressure at work and your home pressure at home you. By doing this will have that both places are more favorable places to be.

     Apart from if you do at the workplace or at home your best  to stay totally intention in that place at that time. When  you are at home in your family side away the thoughts of work and gives the proper time to your family and enjoy fullest with them. Take busy  them in family activities and dialogue, everyone involve with you will feel good in such a positive environment. On the other hand, if you have at work been competent and systematic in completing your work.

     Another thing that can accommodate to reduce the tension of business full time and remaining sensitively associated with your family is to stay physically attached to your family when you are at work. In this modern age there are several ways of contact that can help out you to stay connected to your home when you are at the office. These ways may include calling home on your break, or using a  messenger, text, or phone call to get in touch you’re your family during the day. Keeping in contact with your family still you are at work will help you feel more psychologically close to your home.
2nd  Suggestion:
     Another way to keep the balance in your home and work is to create a match between your job demands and you need to do to keep your personal life strong.

     Balancing the demands of work and home is a very important thing. It depends on the type of things you value in your job and at home, and the type of balance you are trying to attain.
      The other important thing is to work out your bottom line, the point of balance you do not want to go away from. It means planning how you are going to manage your life as a team member at your work and a family member.
     Once you have recognized what is important in each part of your life and the type of match you want to achieve, you need to seek the agreement of all who has concerned your boss, colleagues, partner and family. If you are finding it complicated to set up a match between work and home, for example your partner or boss wants something else, you will have to sit down and consult with them.
3rd Suggestion:
      You must spend time with your family, because that is what we need more in your life. In order to do that, you must use careful planning strategy. You must have a plan and then work that plan.
      You must Block your normal working hours.this means that you cannot make a plan for your family obligations for the period of work hours, so mark this time as engaged.
Acquire the calendar for your children's school and fill in all the important meetings, ranking socials and school events.by filling this information, you will not list work events during the time you want to be managing family obligations.

     Add in regular personal everyday tasks i.e., dinner, homework help, laundry, grocery shopping, library, family outings and religious services.

       When you have filled in your calendar with all your home and workplace obligations and time schedules look at the calendar vigilantly. You have only 24 hours in every day, you cannot do everything at all, so, prove yourself  like a grown-up and make the hard decisions.

     Do not try to divide it when it comes to balancing work and home. Consider all your different roles practically, list your obligations and then plan how to get ended what will get finished. 

By: Mr. Hafiz Noman Usman

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