Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tips for Selecting a Best Profession

     One chooses/selects profession either to support family or for personal interest, personal interest side by side sincerity with profession leads to perfect professionalism. Whatever the profession is if someone lacks the interest in one’s profession then the passion as well as the profession affected to some extent. The person regrets to the rest of his life.
Selection of profession:
     One should be very careful and sensitive to choose a profession. I am an adult and its time for me to choose or select a profession for the rest of life so that there should be no regret. Keeping all the aspects I select or prefer to select the profession of the dentistry and teaching.
Reasons to choose a profession:
     The first reason is that I love the medicine and surgery field. Besides from personal interest in dentistry less time will be taken to get graduated for starting the professional life. One should have a legal certificate to open a clinic. The second important reason is to aware people about oral hygiene to human beings. As there is poor (oral hygiene all over the world. People are less aware of this aspect of life. Financially, dentistry is more successful than to MBBS. For females it is successful and secure profession. There are rarely emergencies in the field of dentistry. One can easily run their own clinic officially with the Free State of mind. Life is less stressful. One can maintain profession and personal life as well. One would be able to interact with the people of all classes . One’s communication skills can also be nourished in this field. One would not only treat people but also give them an awareness about oral hygiene. TO relieve people from pains would give one’s internal satisfaction and happiness. One would enjoy his life as he would treat less political conditions. He would be able to establish a good relationship with his patients.
Part time profession:
     One should plan to teach along with dentistry. Teaching is also an ideal profession for every gender.
Reasons of part time profession:
     Teaching reveals hidden meanings in words which passed before our eyes usually. Teaching also improves communication skills and social life. Teaching a new thing to students give internal satisfaction and happiness to oneself. Teaching makes a respectful relationship with other people. A teacher can influence the minds of the future of a nation.
      In both professions moral values occupy the highest places. May these professions be a success? First of all we should focus on our passion then we should start to collect information about our profession. We can collect information from the people of respected or concerned field so that we can focus on our concerned field. We should manage the finance for admission in a good institute. Now a day’s finance is the major problem in the selection of a profession. We can collect finance by part time job or we can save money from our own pocket. People now a day is becoming very complex because of the changing environment of the world. They do not know how to choose a profession. One cannot achieve his passion until he has proper information about his passion. One can only achieve his passion by full focus and handwork. Proper counseling is important from childhood to teenage. Some people choose their profession on teenage. In teenage one can get proper information from concerned people. Profession selection is a very critical and tough stage for anyone.

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