Thursday, April 18, 2013

How can you control on your anger?


It is a natural emotion that every human experience of anger. Human anger may involve dislike when we face with criticism. We may face anger sometime and usually this is the healthy response. At the second stage, anger response to sad feelings.  Anger reach to its maximum range than our judgment or thinking style can become hard and we like to do something and at that time say unreasonable words. An old man well saying that;
                                                            “No more anger in relationships.”
            When someone crosses us in the traffic at the same time our blood pressure go up through the roof.
            Normal anger is very important factor to deal with others in the positive way. If the anger will touch its maximum range then it will be affected for both human health and relationships with their lovers.

Impact of Anger: 
             Anger can be proved helpful or dangerous depending on its expressing style. If it is expressed in happy mood so its output will be positive. If anger is expressed in hard emotions so its output will be negative. Having the knowledge to deliver the anger in the appropriate way can lead us to the goals and handle the emergencies.

Anger Management:
            The procedure of anger management is to find the tools to determine the signs that make us angry and we try to take action with the situation in a positive way. It's a possibility to learn how to remove the hurdles from their own path by practicing of the anger management techniques. Anger management taker class is generally effective. Anger management is very helpful to determine the hurdles and how to respond that things work in our favor instead of against us.
            Sometimes we all feel angry and we may say something wrong and take the any wrong step. This is the normal part of life. So in these circumstances there is no need of anger management if we know well about the fact of anger on our relationships.  By this we will feel unhappiness .Which leads us to dangerous behavior. Anger is not only disturbing the state of mind and it also disturbs an increase the range of blood pressure. In this situation every man and animal express his anger by making the loud sound and baring teeth.
            Many experts say that anger is a primary and nature emotion with the several functions having the values to which we all practices from time to time. Anger is a source of raising the heart rate, blood pressure and releasing of hormones which force us physically to make a remedial action.

            Anger is very important to make the management more elastic when a man expresses his anger to its employee in a positive way. The employee’s work becomes faster and correct by the anger of the business owner. Anger makes the environment more serious and very helpful to reduce the laziness and weakness from the work manageable.

Tips about How the Anger can be Managed?
(i)                 When we feel angry we should try to take the deep breathing positive self talk and try to stop angry thoughts. Breathing should be deeply from the diaphragm, try to relax and talk easy.
(ii)               Anger expressing is a better action than keep quiet.  But it should be in an appropriate way.
(iii)             By expressing anger the mood will be improved and tension also release.
(iv)             When we face the troubles, it is tension. Due to this, anger will be created.
(v)                Always listen the good skills can help us to make a good communicator.
(vi)             Use the solution based language.
(vii)           Understand the impact of food on the mood.

Tips about if Anger cannot be Control:
      If it is believed the anger is out of control and its output have a negative effect on the life and relationships. In this situation we should receive the help of mental health and deal with the anger in appropriate ways.

By: Mr. Ali Ahmad

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