Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Impact of Mobile on Young Generation

     As everything has double been effected in our life. If something is beneficial for us on the other hand same thing can be harmful for us, it's up to us how we use that thing in our life. Its our use which makes it harmful or beneficial. Like this Mobile is very beneficial for young generation if they use it properly. But if they use it wrong it will be harmful for them.
                                             Good effect on the younger generation 
    1. Way of communication:
      Mobile is very beneficial for us because it’s the way of communication. We can communicate with each other. Either we live near or we live far away from each other. If we go previous years we came to know when there is no concept of cell phones people use letters to communicate its very inconvenient way of communication because its very long procedure of communication it take 15 to 20 days .But by the invention of mobile phones we can communicate not only same country but also out of countries it removes distances. It's a good impact on us and on generation. 
2. Different functions in mobile:
     In mobile we have different functions. Like in mobile we can use a dictionary. If young generation has any problem they can use mobile dictionary at any time at any place. All people cannot keep book dictionary with them all the time. But its advantage of a new generation to use the dictionary in their mobiles and increase their vocabulary.
     Now in mobiles there is also a Microsoft office program. We can enter our slides in mobile and we can learn our lesson but sitting anywhere we do not need any book for learning because every material will be available on our mobiles.
3. Video calls:
     Now by using mobile we can not only communicate with each other but also we can see each other. So people who are far away from parents they can feel like at their home because they cannot just voice call but also make video calls
4. Use mobile as a camera:
     The younger generation can use mobile as a camera .Now in mobile we young generation not only can sell but also use mobile as a camera.
     Firstly young generation has to keep camera with them for capturing every moment but now in mobile they have every feature and they can capture every moment of life at any place at any time.
                                 Harmful effect on the younger generation:
1. Wastage of time:
     Now a day's mostly young generation spoiling themselves due to extra use of mobile as we now excess of everything is harmful. Excess use of mobile is also harmful. Younger generations seem to be busy in using mobile they do every time messaging. Night calls due to this they are not able to do other work
2. Loss of studies:
     Due to the use of mobile there is a lot loss is studying .Young generation uses a mobile day and night, they make calls, use Facebook every time on mobile due to which they cannot concentrate on their studies and they have to bear huge loss is studying.
3. Involved in bad activities:
     Due to mobiles young generation is involved in bad activities. As we see in bomb blast there is mostly young generation involved .They communicate with each other , contact with each other. If there is no concept of the mobile they cannot contact and there is a lot more chance of mistake by them .Due to mobile crime increases like theft, robbery, bomb blast etc.
4. Wastage of money:
    Young generation uses mobile and they make calls. Sms packages due to which they recharge balance every time which wastes their money.

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  1. Every thing has its advantages as well as disadvantages. But mobile phone has many disadvantages.. I like very much, very good article

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  5. every thing has its impact on young generation .But mobile phones are making young generation lazy.I LIKED THIS ARTICLE,EXCELLENT

  6. every thing has its impact on young generation .But mobile phones are making young generation lazy.I LIKED THIS ARTICLE,EXCELLENT

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