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Advantages of Co-education

Advantages of Co-Education

Introduction to Co-Education:-
     It is believed that the concept of co-education was introduced by a renewed Greek philosopher, called Plato who believed that girls and boys should be treat equally.

Definition of co-education:-
     Co-education means a schooling system, where girls and boys learn together under same roof. Co-education system removes any impartation between boys and girls and gives them an opportunity to play, write, read and learn together in a surrounding where people are not discriminated on the basis of their sex.

                                                     Advantages of co-education

1: Healthy competition:-
     The most important, obvious and natural merit of co-education system is that it creates a very healthy and competitive environment among the students of both sexes. In co-education system both the sexes compete with each other because there exists a natural tendency among boys and girls to beat the opposite sex and to be declared as a winner. Co-education encourages them to try to do better than the opposite sex as a result they use advanced techniques in order to get better grades and jobs.

2: Building confidence:-
     It has been analyzed that the students which have got their education under co-education system are more confident as compared to the students who have been learning in single sex school system through out their educational career. Such students hesitate to interact with the opposite gender in their later lives on the other hand student who has learned under co-education system they freely interact with opposite sex and do not hesitate or feel uncomfortable in their presence. In mixed schooling system both the sexes can take help from each other and they can also share their ideas on different topics normally girls and boys have different point of view so  the mixed schooling system enables them to share their ideas, removal of differences and also creates team spirit among them it also promotes mutual understanding between them.

3: Preparation of real world:-
     Co-education system enables the students of opposite sexes to freely interact with each other which is an essential and mandatory skill for all adults who are working and living in a society. It is important that the students relating to different sexes should not fee annoyed in the presence of opposite gender they should feel comfortable especially when they are discussing something with the opposite gender, they should also feel comfortable while socializing with the different sex. This is very important aspect which will make them more confident in their future lives.

Advantages of Co-Education

4: Exposure to different view points and people:-
     The exposure of male student to the female student have a calming effect it means that by simply combining male and female students in classes we can create a very friendly environment and it also has positive effect on their behavior. Studies have shown that students of different gender usually have different school of thoughts and they have different patterns of behavior, being exposed to multiple behavior and attitudes enables to survive in the world and it also advances open mindedness in them.

5: Respect for opposite sex:-
     If the students of opposite sex interact with each other on regular basis it encourages and cultivates a relationship of respect among them this kind of environment discourages the discrimination on the basis of sex and gives them a chance to work on equal level and it also enhances their ability to think and work efficiently. If the students are learning under single sex educational system both the genders will develop stereotypes against each other sex, boys normally creates stereotypes against the female students when they don’t see them in a environment which is promoting equality.

6: More economical:-
     Co-education system is more economical in monetary terms as compared to single sex education system because in co-education system both the genders can learn in the same institute according to the similar standards in less budget there is no need to build separate institutes for males and females moreover we don’t have to arrange different teachers to teach them .It means that we can get more output by spending less through co-education system.

7: Breaking stereotypes:-
     Some people think that woman cannot match up the capability level of men they believe that certain gender can do well only in certain area of interest which is better suited for a certain sex. In co-education system female student can was male students taking music and arts classes similarly males can see female students are taking business administration classes as well as science and math’s classes which enables the students of both sexes to understand that stereotypes don’t really define a specific gender, students who have studied under co-education system can easily understand someone of any sex can accomplish anything that he wants to achieve.

8; Best of both world opportunities:-
     Students learning in co-education system can participate in the class discussion while the students learning in single sex education system remain hesitant to take part in discussion in the presence of opposite sex. In co-education system students have the opportunities in different activities with opposite sex peers which boosts their self confidence.They can share their view points and learn together.

9: Effective division of work:-
     In co-education system student’s ca divide the work which is best suited for them according to prevailing conditions. For example boys can perform the duties which are related to outdoor activities on the other hand girls can perform indoor activities like gathering research material from internet and decoration etc.

10: Boys engagement:
     Research shows that boys in co-education environment are more eager and enthusiastic as compared to males learning in single sex education system, co-education enables them to comfortably voice their ideas and opinions in the presence of girls and they also learn to interact, behave well with girls and gain respect from them and the group assignments and discussions provides them a chance to learn from each other socially and intellectually.

By: Miss Saba Abbas

Advantages of Co-Education

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