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What Old People Need..?

what old people need

      It is rightly said that ‘old is gold’ this said almost lead of security because gold is to be saved ever, has the old people feelings of insecurity manifolds as the life span runs to the end. So the for most need of old people insecurity which springs in the environment of harmony.

     Old should be given peace and solace as a reward of their patents and vigour that they had consumed in their youth to make the wheel of time run in order to set the indigenous history.
The old should be offered such a mallow and lovely sweetness that they may not feel any type of guilt being an old person.

     The old people are just like infinite that needs proper care and a schedule diet so they should be given a healthful routine to cope with the old age.

     It is observed that in our life style the old people are elephant deserted in a room with some necessity this should be uprooted to make them active and dynamic member of society to act their proper role with heroic style.

    The old people are the origin of wit and wisdom so they must be treated as the terrace of experience to have the gems of practice.

     It s our duty to care for old people. They need care, attention and love. Obedience is a very simple way of showing gratitude for the benefits that they provide to the young ones. So be obedient to your elders.

     This is not good to use word old for old peoples because they are our elders and they have to be respected, when a child born he cannot eat food, cannot changes his clothes by himself because he need cares so as the same case with old people, they behave same like children they need care, love and they need a constant companion who look after them every time.

     Old people want to get more care more attention, because they feel lonely. They need healthy food because they gradually become weak as an age factor.
     Old people are like us, they become sensitive when they have to stay all the time at home. Similarly they also want to meet their friends and want some outside walk like us. They also want that all family members came and talk with them. They also need neat and clean atmosphere.

     They need happiness and prosperity, rarely do they wish for more money.

     Most important thing is to give them respect and affection. Spend time with them, show your attention as well. Old peoples also need their relation, love and care.

     The captain, when entering a strange port, trusts to pilot to guide his ship safely. Similarly old people are our pilots. We sail in strange waters and our safety depends on submission to the directions of those who are more experienced.
      They require something more than money. They require sympathy, moral support, which money cannot buy. To give these things, requires a large heart, a broader mind, and more personal sacrifice.

      During period of their extreme stresses and strain, when life is hard and the nervous system becomes taut, humor can relieve much of the tension, it not only takes the tension out of situations, but it also brings mirth and laughter.

      Their diet should be modified accordingly such that it remains nutritious and balanced.
Now these days there are trend of old homes, where old people lives lonely without their child. The concept of old houses starts from the Europe where people have no time for their old parents so they push them to old houses and never meet again and then their parents wait for them till their death but in Asian countries like Pakistan there is a tradition that all family members live together we own our parents and grandparents.

      Especially in villages people respect their parents and feel proud to live with them. But now people who lives in cities and want to become more modern just as European people. They bring their parents to old houses.

     But on the other hand old people never want to live in old houses because as they want more love and affection from their child but they never get it in old houses because once their children bring them to old house they leave them and never came back. According to our Islamic ideology our old parents are our assets. We can earn paradise by serving them.

    The old must be accompanied with all the dooms and ducks of life with due respect and honor, there is no need of old houses in our religion.

what old people need

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  1. old is gold
    respect your elders and u get in back otherwise u r zero

  2. Above article is really helpful about older age people, thanks for sharing valuable information about older age people.Very nice keep it up.
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