Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wonderful Tips for Test Preparation


Be relaxed and confident:
     Being calm, relaxed and confident is essential for the exam. More you will be confident and relaxed more your progress will be good. So before your exam in the morning and night practice this for five minutes.
    Relax your body. Breath in and out then times. Now close your eyes and imagine that you are going towards examination hall. Recall your roll number and find your seat in your imagination and see yourself sitting on the seat solving the paper. Imagination should be bright and clear.
     Now see that the invigilator is coming towards you and giving you question paper and answer sheet. Read the question paper, instructions and all questions quietly with concentration. Imagine that you have answered all the questions correctly. At the end imagine that you are coming out from the examination hall happily and telling your friends that your exam gone very well. You are delighted.

Get a chance to refresh your mind:
     Take a complete sleep and good rest night before the exam. Your mind gets tired of constantly studying and working. Let it take a rest. You would be fresher in the exam which would make your progress better.

Collect the required stationary properly:
      Get set with your roll number slip, pen, marker, scale, calculator one night before exam. You should have extra pens during an exam if one doesn’t work you can go with the other. After getting up next morning check all the things once again. You would not have to face kind of problem doing this.

Take a light breakfast:
      You shouldn’t go to your empty stomach for the exam but don’t eat too much. It could be a lighter but must take your breakfast. Don’t take much tea and any kind of drinks this would cause urine and you will waste your precious time during the exam.

Be careful, calm and active:
     Don’t read anything one hour before exam. Specially any new thing. However revision can be done. Reach the examination hall 30 minutes before the exam starts. As it opens go, find and take your seat. Before getting question paper ten times breathe out. Close your eyes and relax yourself with a five minute imaginative walk. Then imagine that you are solving paper very calmly and easily. Imagination should be bright, big and clear.

Divide the time:
      After getting answer sheet write your name, roll number and other required details on the given place. Now read the question paper carefully. Now mark the questions you are going to attempt. Divide every question according to the marks. Spending 20 minutes in the question that requires 10 minutes would be a mistake. Usually 3 hours (180 minutes) are given to solve the paper. Separate last ten minutes for the revision and divide other 170 minutes according to the numbers of question and marks. And follow this time limit.

Arrangement of the answers:
       First of all solve the question you can solve better than all means A+ questions. It would leave a good impression on examiner which also causes him to avoid minor mistakes afterwards. And he gives good marks. Second question should also be A+. If you are weak in any question write it at third and then go on with 4th and 5th which should be again better. Solving paper in this way would cause to get good marks for even third weak answer.

Never leave any question:
       Never leave any question. Must write something even headings, or make some outline. It would help you to get some marks.
Avoid cutting and over writing:
Avoid cutting and overwriting in exam. It gives a bad impression. If any word requires to be cut off make a bracket around it and make two little crosses on the both upper corners. For example *(India)*

Leave some lines under every answer:
       After every answer must leave few lines that if you remember some points later you can add them to the answer. If you require an extra sheet ask for it as you start writing on the last page for the invigilator takes 2-3 minutes to give an extra sheet.

Don’t get worried if you forget:
        If you forget the answer while writing don’t get worried. In this situation read the question again and the answer as well how much you have written. Usually it reminds the forgotten answer. Otherwise if it takes long to remind the answer leave it for a while and solve other questions as you remember this one, solve it.

 Revise your paper:
      Don’t forget to revise your paper in last ten minutes. This way you can make corrections in your mistakes and can get more marks. Don’t do solve the paper till the end rather revise it, make corrections and remove the mistakes. You will get more marks. Be in the examination hall all the time. Relax in spare time. You can think of more good things and answers meanwhile. Check your roll number before handing over the paper to invigilator. And make sure that the paper is properly stapled otherwise your extra sheets could be lost.

What to do after exams:
         If paper didn’t go with your expectations then don’t get worried. Because you’re being worried cannot not make it better. However it would affect your next exam negatively. Hence instead of getting worried concentrate on your next exam. Don’t discuss your exam with your friends afterward about what you wrote because they may vary and you will get upset and doubtful. After coming home just relax and do totally different activities. At that time your mind needs relaxation and rest. Exercise is a best way to give relief to your mind and body and get relaxed. Such kind of exercise that enables you to get fresh air is better. Tea-coffee are also good drinks for relaxation. Get yourself entertained with some activity. As you become fresh and relaxed start preparation for the next exam.

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