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Fantastic Ways to Improve Your Personality


     Personality is the sum or total of ways both inherited or environments in which human react or interact with others.

      The building of successful career development  depends upon four components.
1)      Skill
2)      Interest
3)      Personality traits
4)      Traits for leadership
5)      Personality depends upon three concepts
Now I  will define all above mentioned topics.

1. Skills.
     Skills are the capacity to carry out specific tasks. They are the capability and talent to do something. Anyone has proficiency to do something  these proficiencies can include critical thinking and manual outdoor presentation negotiation and technological.

2. Interest.
      Show genuine interest in other people. A good person should talk in terms of other person needs and interest. Feelings of other persons make important in a sincere manner.

3. Personality traits.

Ø  Attitude                         
     The number one quality for career success is championship thinking. A good person must have to stay optimistic and positive.

Ø  Enthusiastic
    A good person must arouse eagerness  in another person. This is the energy that inspires others.

Ø  Ethical
    For a good person we have the moral values and principles of life. we have the good thoughts speech and deed. For example we should be a mindful responsible and trustworthy.

Ø  Goal focused
   Complete grip on your object for which you strive in your personal and professional life. Show honest yourself and sincere appreciation. you should have faith in life, others and oneself.

Ø  Listener
   You should  encourage the others  to talk about himself or should have the ability to impress others.

Ø  Network
    The way you influence the others and  interconnecting with others is a positive relationship.

Ø  Persistent
    You should have the ability to continue the unpleasant thing. You should try to see things from others point of view. Humbleness and patient are the important factor through which you  achieve the difficult task easily.

Ø  Self awareness
   You should understand the most important and basic essentials of good personality e.g. skill, values, interest, behavior and character.

Ø  Self confident
    The stiff believe in your abilities.seeks proficient help if this is the area of a weak point. It will be attraction it.

Ø  Self discipline
     The skills to control the pin point impulses. then energy can be alerted and channel in the direction of your ambition.

     It is unfeasible to limit the directory of just 10c so here are 25 more represent my second rank.
·         Self sacrificing
·         Hygiene style                                                                                                                                 
·         Good communication skill
·         Maturity
·         Positive social to every one
·         Treat people with respect
·         Polite behavior
·         Emotionally competent
·         Relationship oriented
·         Co-operative courageous
·         Crucial
·         Punctual
·         Respectful
·         Responsibility
·         Analytical mind
·         Balanced
·         Collaborative
·         Honesty
·         Tolerance of ambiguity
·         Have an open heart ready to help

4. Traits for leadership.  
     Big five models of leader-ship argues that there should be following traits in leadership.
a. Agreeableness
b. Extroversion
c. Conscientiousness
d. Openness to experience
e. Emotional stability

5. Personality depends upon three concepts
a. Heredity
b. Environment
c. Situation

a. Heredity
     These are the factors determined at conception like physical structure  factor attractiveness, refuses. The followers of heredity argues that the personality is defined by the molecular structure of genes located  in chromosomes.

b. Environmental factors
      The environment in which we raise like family, friends, locality.

c. Situation
     Situation effect the influence of heredity and environment. Mostly individual personality remains stable but different situation requires different personality.

      By: Miss Fareena Munir

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  2. really very informative farina.good job.

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  4. Tips To Improve Your Personality

    Our personality is what specifies us. It is our technique of talking, walking, dressing up, nonverbal communication and such traits that make or maybe mar our impression about others.

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