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Keep University Environment Green

Keep University Environment Green

     It is our duty that, be careful to make environment dirt free. How can we do this? Let me give you tips and strong reasons for this;

Plants and trees
     Plants and trees are used to keep the atmosphere clean, fresh and also for the decoration of the university. That’s why plants and trees are very important for making environment green.

Watering the plants
     To keep plants and trees green the gardeners should properly watering the plants. That makes garden green and neat.
Motivation to gardeners & other workers 
     The upper management and controlling staff should cooperate with lower workers like gardeners, sweepers and watchman etc. They have to motivate them towards greenery, sweeping and scrutiny duties. If they perform well and loyally it is very beneficial for university.
The controller should give award them at the end of the year if they perform glowing.

     University parking plays very important role in the cleaning situation. It should be very clean the parking servant should properly take intention towards the sweeping of parking. He tells the people to avoid for throwing the dust of their cars in university parking because it is the main purpose of dust in the parking. The parking servant has to use a dustbin for throwing his security tickets or tokens in the dust bin that he received from people at the time of take off their vehicle. Because the tickets are the main hurdle to pollute the flour of university parking, this has bad expression. Parking tickets are thrown on the path;
Use of dustbins
     We have to use dust bins near the classrooms, cafeterias, gates, parking and toilet also. As students throw their class room’s dust near the class room’s dust bin, usually when we are in the cafeteria and coming from outside the university, we have anything to throw (wrappers, Citra, covers etc.) as a dust, then we use dustbins that may be very helpful to remove dust and make our environment clean and green.

Properly sweep dust
     The university should be properly swept for clean environment. It is a very important thing for the cleaning concern. Because, if there is no proper arrangement of sweeping. Then it creates a very bad impression on outsiders.
Utilize spare space    
     We have to use extra space for the purpose of gardening that create a green look and remove dusty space into the greenery.
The place where we cannot construct any construction, we should use that for green purpose. That is helpful for us to make environment green and fresh. Similar to above;

Entrance gate
     The university entrance gate should be very neat and clean because the entrance of every institute should be excellent because it shows the building expression and working purposes. So, we have avoided making any mistake about environmental pollution of the gate surroundings at the university gate.

Culture among environment
     Our culture to keep the environment clean and green is strongly depending on our nature. We have to change ourselves instead think about someone that what he/she is doing. Firstly, it is our duty to avoid for making any mistake in the public place and then direct and tell someone.

Inspection of administration
     The university administration should properly visit to the campus and blocks to look after the some repairing problems. And any other problem like; It may be harmful to spread any disease, like dengue etc. and much more. 

Motivate the students
     Students play the very imperative role to keep the university environment green and clean. The professors should motivate the students among the personality and cleaning manners. That may enhance their personality and keep university clean.
Organize special events for gardening days to inspire students for planting that will be very supportive to make environment green.

     We remember that we have to avoid for demolishing any greenery and avoid dispersing dust.
So, we keep the university environment green and clean in this way.

By: Mr. Faizan Raza

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